Leadership Board

Interested in making an impact in your community and helping to mold the next group of leaders?  Consider service on the Leadership Coshocton County Advisory Board!  Members serve for two years beginning in July, and may be reappointed up to two times, to serve a maximum of six years.  Applicants who serve on the Advisory Board do not have to be alumni.  Seats include alumni as well as at-large members recommended by the Nominating Committee and members recommended by the Coshocton Foundation Trustees. 

Matthew Armstrong, Alumni

Gwendolyn Bordenkircher, Secretary, Alumni

Pastor Mike Jansen, At-Large

Lisa McCoy, Chair, Alumni

Adam Parks, Vice-Chair, At-Large

Jill Sheridan, Coshocton Foundation Trustee 

Charles “Chip” Udischas II, Finance Chair, Coshocton Foundation Trustee

 For information on serving on the Leadership Coshocton County Advisory Board, email lead@coshoctonfoundation.org for an application.