Class Projects

Each graduating class of Leadership Coshocton County is to select and complete a community project as a requirement prior to graduation in May. The importance of this project is to use consensus-building techniques to select a project. Participants learn project management and team building skills during Opening Retreat while Project ideas and selection are developed throughout Program days.

Class Projects:

Class of 2023: The Coshocton County Animal Shelter & Humane Animal Treatment Association received a facelift, inside and out.  A kitchen/utility room was renovated and refurbished with new cabinetry; new paint and new utility tub sink while the exterior received a fresh coat of paint.

Class of 2022:  Echoing Hills Village benefited from two projects completed on site: staining of support timbers for free-standing porch swing and landscaping of sign at entrance to Village.

Class of 2021:  Intensive Lake Park clean-up to clear south shoreline of trees and shrubs; cleaned and refinished stage at ArtPark

Class of 2020:  Painted dairy barn at Coshocton County Fairgrounds; secured sponsorships from community businesses to purchase artificial Christmas trees for victims of West Lafayette June 2019 flood

Class of 2019:  Refurbished/renovated Lock Landing trail map to Lake Park; landscaped area at base of signage.

Class of 2018:  Renovated/refurbished the picket fencing surrounding “Eliza’s Garden” in Roscoe Village and replaced railroad ties and bricks from the garden at Warehouse Steak-n-Stein to the steps to the canal level behind Roscoe General Store.

Class of 2017:  Coshocton Salvation Army Food Pantry renovations including painting shelves, walls & ceiling tiles; replacing baseboard trim and tiling the floor.  Materials for project were donated by Home Depot Newark and Home Depot Zanesville.

Class of 2016:  Worked with the Coshocton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society to complete recording of information located on the gravestones at the Clark and Blissfield Cemeteries.

Class of 2015:  Secured materials donations to repair and paint five rooms of the First Step Family Violence Shelter; carpeted one bedroom and hallway; and removed a tree from the yard.

Class of 2014: Held a dinner to raise funds to purchase tactical bullet proof vest for the Special Response Team – Coshocton County Sheriff’s Department.

Class of 2013: Sold chicken dinners to raise money to purchase a restaurant quality microwave for Shepherd’s Christian Assembly.

Class of 2012: Sold chicken dinners to raise money to enhance the main entrance to the Himebaugh Park on the corners of S. Seventh and Orange Streets.

Class of 2011: Donated a weeping cherry tree to the Community Remembrance Garden, located at Lake Park, and assisted The Hospice Teen Memory Garden Group to beautify the garden after a long winter.

Class of 2010: Sold raffle tickets for a chance to win: 1st prize: 2 tickets to the OSU/OU Football Game; 2nd prize: $50 cash; 3rd prize: $25 cash. Proceeds ($2,285) benefited the outreach ministry of Shepherd’s Christian Assembly.

Class of 2009: Held a spaghetti dinner and hog raffle to raise money ($3,500) for the Coshocton Alternative School.

Class of 2008: Hosted a family night for the students (and families) of the Coshocton Family Literacy program and gave monetary donation to assist with the program.

Class of 2007: Job Mentoring/Job Shadowing with students of the Coshocton Family Literacy and Coshocton Opportunity School.

Class of 2006: Sold Chicken dinners to raise money for the Coshocton County Alternative School.

Class of 2005: Renovated Victim’s Witness Room at the Coshocton County Court House.

Class of 2004: Researched various topics: tourism; zoning; positive activity for youth; employment opportunities and justice center.

Class of 2003: The 200 Best of Coshocton County Tabloid.

Class of 2002:

Class of 2001: Family Reading night for Winterfest 2000.

Class of 2000: Skate Park

Class of 1999: Donation to Friends of the Parks for Recreation Trail/Bike Path. Generated additional funds through class efforts to revive LCC alumni. Members paid $25 to attend annual dinner and brainstorming session, generating $1,700.

Class of 1998: Donated money to CORC literacy program and ABLE (Adult Basic Literacy Education) to purchase books and cassette tapes to encourage reading for pleasure. Approximately 140 benefited including GED and TLC.

Class of 1997: Made a monetary donation toward Let’s Build a Playground. Many members donated time, tools and muscle to this project.

Class of 1996: Worked on the local Domestic Violence Shelter. The class taxed themselves monthly and used the money and their labor to improve the facility and to buy needed items.

Class of 1995: Initiated a joint meeting with Coshocton County Youth Leadership.

Class of 1994: Developed a Leadership Program for the youth of Coshocton County.

Class of 1993: Propelled Leadership Coshocton County into a community wide organization.